This Week in Houston Food Blogs: Desserts, Meet Booze

This week, some popular Houston food bloggers review a few restaurant newcomers, come up with a classy yet fun party recipe and share a fresh idea for turning rotisserie chicken into an adventurous meal. 

Lindy of the Patty and David Said blog
tried out Borgo Food Station, a grab-and-go market for fresh, healthy foods that just opened recently at 3641 West Alabama. She was very interested in the mason jars of meatballs (who wouldn't be?), the baked breakfast goods and the fruit-infused waters, such as strawberry-basil. There are still a few un-greased wheels in this new machine, but altogether, she says it will become a go-to for prepared, delicious meals.

Let's face it: It's wedding season, and, while you may not be a blushing bride or a genteel groom yourself, you probably know somebody who is. Sugar & Cloth's Colleen Jeffers, creator of fabulous cocktails, put together this recipe for champagne Jell-O shots, which are just the right mix of "Look, a classy party!" and unbridled celebration that screams wedding reception. Bonus points if you take her advice and garnish them with edible gold leaf for extra flair.

Houston Fed is breaking down his top 50 choices for dining out in Houston over the next few months, and this week is his picks for numbers 45 through 41. These spots are filled by fan favorites like The Burger Joint at 2703 Montrose and delicious faster options like Pollo Bravo, which specializes in rotisserie chicken served in fusion Peruvian-Mexican style. The others on the list are known for top-notch tacos, pizza and enormous pancakes, respectively.

If you're a Houston newcomer or just missed the memo on Brasil Cafe, 2604 Dunlavy, let It's Not Hou It's Me tell you what you've been missing. Brasil is a perennial favorite with Inner-Loopers, and its brunch offerings are just as beloved and intriguing as the rest of the menu. Check out her review of the coddled eggs with veggies and goat cheese and ogle photos of her brunchmates' meals, too.

It's entirely appropriate (and even encouraged) to have an entire section of your recipe collection devoted to meals that begin with buying a rotisserie chicken, and Bev of Bev Cooks has a new addition for that section. Her recipe for super-easy shredded chicken curry starts with shredding a delicious rotisserie chicken from your favorite grocery store, then adding a ton of spices, tomatoes and coconut milk, and finally serving it with naan and rice. High-class cooking couldn't be easier!

Finally, Hank on Food thinks you should have your cake and cocktails, too, at the new dessert-bar-meets-actual-bar restaurant in Sugar Land Towne Square called The Middle Spoon. He enjoyed a frothy Germain Sour, which is made with egg white, and a lemon Pavlova with lemon curd, fresh berries and whipped cream. He enjoyed the sweet-and-sour contrasts of the dessert, and it paired perfectly with the more floral drink. He hasn't tried the savory options yet, but he says the offerings look just as worthy as the desserts.

That's it for this week's featured food blogs! Did we miss a blog that you adore? Leave us a comment or send us an email to tell us all about it!
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Alexandra Doyle