This Week In Houston Food Blogs: Have a Cupcake, Charlotte!

Kim in a New(ish) City is vegetarian and meat-happy Liberty Kitchen doesn’t sounds like the most friendly option. She makes the best of it, though, and finds the staff happy to accommodate her special diet requests. There are also high marks for the fun and flavorful Bloody Mary.

The Patty and David Said blog finds an awesome deal on lobster at Confucius Seafood. There is one catch: to get the two for $20 deal, you have to order two other dishes. Otherwise, the lobster is charged at market price. Still, the Mixed Vegetables with Vermicelli in clay pot and the Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs look like enjoyable starters, so it’s not much of a chore.

Erika Kwee, writing for Urban Swank, has a look at Brennan’s of Houston’s summer menu. It includes Crispy Louisiana Soft Shell Crab, Jimmy’s Oyster Roast (hickory smoked and roastd Houma oysters with jalapeño cornbread crumbs and seaweed flakes) and their amazing take on Peking Duck: Buffalo Bayou Honey Roasted Duck served over Atchafalaya crawfish fried rice and Chayote squash in an orange duck sauce.

(If you want, you can learn more about Brennan's of Houston chef Danny Trace in our recent Chef Chat with him.)

Russell at the Eat More Burgers blog finds the Banh Mi Burger at Hughie’s. It’s a house ground angus beef patty topped with lettuce and classic Banh Mi vegetables—shredded pickled carrots, cucumbers, sliced fresh jalapeños. As a bonus, Hughie’s also has a great draught craft brew selection, which is just what you need to go with a good burger.

If you share a name with the newborn British princess, Syd Kearney at the Houston Chronicle has a deal to share with you. Crave Cupcakes at 2501 Research Forest in The Woodlands wants to give you a free cupcake and coffee if Charlotte is your first, middle or last name. Just present your ID. The deal is on until the end of this month.

(You can also check out our recent first look post to take a look at what the shop has to appeal to us non-Charlottes.)

That’s it for “This Week In Houston Food Blogs!” If you know of a Houston-centric blog that deserves to be featured here, send us an email! See you next week! 
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