Thai Beef Salad and shredded papaya salads from Little Thai Cafe where Hank On Food visited this past week.
Thai Beef Salad and shredded papaya salads from Little Thai Cafe where Hank On Food visited this past week.
Photo by Phaedra Cook

This Week In Houston Food Blogs: High Marks For Little Places

It's a week where little places make a good impression, as Hank On Food visits Little Thai Café at 12002 Richmond in West Houston and Kim in a New-ish City checks out Little J's.

At Little Thai Cafe, Hank finds “friendly, patient service,” reasonable prices and a great Garlic & Black Pepper Beef dish with jasmine rice. (We recently listed their crunchy, spicy mango salad as one of the best foods to try this summer.)

We’ve been curious about the Bacon & Bourbon dining component of Little J’s bar at 5306 Washington and thanks to Kim, there's a preview. Kim In A New-ish City is always on a quest to find options for her vegetarian lifestyle and a “BLT” (where the “B” in her case stands for “burrata”) fills the bill. Her non-vegetarian companion found favor with the meatballs. It sounds like a fun dive worth a visit.

Brunch & Conversation pays a visit to one of their favorite places, Pondicheri and orders the lively butter chicken with earthy tumeric-tinged rice. There’s an interesting comparison drawn here between Indian and African food, which makes perfect sense.

A few weeks ago, we wrote an analysis of Aaron Franklin of Franklin’s BBQ in Austin winning the James Beard Foundation Best Chef: Southwest award. “BBQ Bryan” of the Texas BBQ Treasure Hunt blog has posted his own musings. Did a guy who specializes in one type of food deserve that award? Read his blog for an in-depth perspective on both sides of the issue.

Del Frisco’s Grille opens to the public at 1900 Hughes Landing in The Woodlands this Friday. H-Town Chow Down got a sneak peek at their luscious-looking cheeseburger. If it’s indicative of the rest of the offerings, Del Frisco’s will be a great addition to the group of restaurants at rapidly-growing Hughes Landing.

There’s some interesting news at the Great Beer Now blog. Houston’s own Saint Arnold Brewing Company has expanded distribution to Orlando, Florida. It’s the third state where Saint Arnold is available, with the other two being Texas and Louisiana.

That’s it for “This Week In Houston Food Blogs!” If you know of a Houston-centric blog that deserves to be featured here, send us an email! See you next week!

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