This Week in Houston Food Blogs: How to Open Wine Without Looking Like a Tool

Sommeliers make it look easy, but most of us aren't trained in how to properly open a bottle of wine. This week, the Where's My Gravy blog gives us on overview on several types of corkscrews and some instructions on how to not look like a total wine newb in front of guests. (Also, check out Jeremy Parzen's post from last year for more tips.)

Want to make something special for breakfast? A Southern Fairytale has an idea that would work well on the weekends and holidays: a Sausage and Egg Casserole. It even includes hash browns, which makes it a whole meal in one dish.

Just in case you didn't see enough meat porn at this past weekend's Houston Barbecue Festival, you can feast your eyes on photos from the latest Texas Pit Quest barbecue trip. Get this: they went to 10 places on their journey! The 523-mile trip took them from City Market in Schulenberg to Terry Black's Barbecue in Austin. Bonus: there were barbecue leftovers for breakfast the next morning.

New to us: we're happy to have found the "Great Beer Now!" blog. It covers beer, events and breweries from all over the country, but several posts focus on Houston-area events. This one describes the Katy Wild West Brewfest that's coming up this weekend.

Joanna O'Leary takes a look at Fellini Caffè for the Urban Swank blog, noting that it's like a little piece of Italy in Houston. Also, we're stealing her phrase, "Satan's bathwater" to describe less-worthy coffee from now on. Fellini offers antipasti and panini made with imported meats and the bombolone (Italian filled doughnuts) with pistachio cream really looks like something special.

After all that rich food, it might be time for something a little healthier. The Beckijuice blog has an interesting take on smoothies that are less "drinkable" and more the texture of ice cream. They can be topped with any manner of toppings, too. Check out the blog for her recipe, which includes açaí berries.

That's it for "This Week In Houston Food Blogs." If you know of a blog that you think should be featured here, leave a comment below or send us an email. See you next week!

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