This Week in Houston Food Blogs: Independent Italian Food in Conroe

Listen up. There's non-chain dining in Conroe. No, really, we read about a place called Vero's Italian Kitchen at the "I Chew And Review" blog. However, take heed of the disclaimer from the post:

Now let's have a little chat about expectations. If you come to a place like this and expect it to be Ciao Bello, you know you're in for a disappointment. You're in Conroe. Set your expectations accordingly.

The little counter-service establishment at 1301 West Davis boasts a plate of spaghetti and meatballs for just under $10. It also has "pellet ice," for those of you who are into that -- and several of you are, which is really interesting in and of itself.

"Energized, alive and happy." That's how Dalida of Brunch & Conversation felt after her meal at Hugo's, which included Pollo Asado con Salsa de Ancho (Roasted Chicken with Ancho Salsa) and caramel crepes at Hugo's. Isn't that how we all want to feel after we eat?

Jed Portman at Garden & Gun has a post on "cooked dressing." Oils were not always plentiful in the South. When home cooks were without oil, dressings were instead made from the available resources, such as flour, butter, cream and eggs. The end result is tangier than mayonnaise and what Miracle Whip owes part of its existence to.

It's a series of hits and misses when CocoDijon visits Table 57 in the H-E-B at 5895 San Felipe at Fountainview. The service, Smoked Pulled Chicken Tostada and Crab Ceviche Tostada were all deemed average or just above average. However, there were delights to be found in the way of the fresh and light Avocado and Kale Mash; the delightful Chopped Brisket Tostada and the Quinoa & Farro Salad.

Kim In A New(ish) City checks out Weights + Measures for brunch and loves everything about it: sweet cocktails, savory cocktails (i.e. the garden-fresh tasting Bloody Mary) and the entrées, including the Avocado Toast with fried eggs and green harissa.

Finally, the Patty & David Said blog makes it to Elevation Burger. Paleo, low-carb and gluten-free diet fans rejoice--Elevation makes a bun-free burger patty wrapped in big lettuce leaves. The blog post says, "For a good gluten free version of a burger, it's the best one out there."

That's it for this edition of This Week In Houston Food Blogs. Thanks to all of the local bloggers who have been emailing us links to their articles. Keep them coming and we'll see you next week!

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