This Week in Houston Food Blogs: Lee's Ups Its Fried Chicken Game

This week, we've got some decadent recipes to nurture your sweet tooth with, plus a few restaurant reviews and a recipe for barbecue lovers to enjoy.

Erika of The Pancake Princess blog is starting a family classics series that features beloved recipes from her childhood, and the first recipe is A to Z bread, a variation on banana bread. Her family always uses chocolate chips in banana bread loaves, so they're a necessity in this recipe, but the A to Z part is a culinary choose-your-own-adventure. She has a whole list of ingredients, including grated apples, pitted cherries, chopped oranges and grated zucchini, and the recipe calls for a total of two cups of any combination of the ingredients on the list. You could use this recipe for the rest of your life and never make the exact same banana bread twice!

There have been a few complaints (although not many) about the quality of the chicken at Lee's Fried Chicken and Donuts, 601 Heights. Hank on Food has some good news to bring those naysayers: Lee himself wasn't too pleased with the chicken, either, and has taken steps to revise his process and his equipment to bring you better bird. Hank was so impressed with Lee's honesty and professionalism that he compared him to Ronnie Killen of Killen's Barbecue, who is known for the high standards to which he holds his business and his barbecue. 

As Lee might have found out, sometimes the road to progress is a difficult one. That's a lesson that Adair Kitchen, 5161 San Felipe, was learning when Kim of Adventures in a New(ish) City stopped by last week. The restaurant was upgrading to a new computer system, and almost every part of Kim's meal came out incorrectly. However, the staff handled the problems with grace, and Kim thoroughly enjoyed the food– when it finally arrived.

With the Super Bowl coming up, you may have your ear to the ground for good snack ideas for your watch party, and we've got the perfect idea for some good Texas party eats. Daniel Vaughn of the Texas Monthly BBQ blog shared a guide to making your own sausage, including two different recipes from Freedmen's Bar in Austin. You can leave the sausage in patty form, or you can use the how-to video he shared to stuff your own links. Make them into hot-dog-style sausages, put the patties on sliders or just keep it simple with a sausage and cheese party tray.

Ashley of Sugar & Cloth knows that a float doesn't necessarily sound like a good winter treat, but pomegranates are in season, and she's been dreaming of this boozy orange pomegranate float recipe all year. The booze comes from gin and orange liqueur, and you're encouraged to make your own pomegranate syrup to mix in with it. Throw in some bitters, your favorite vanilla ice cream and fresh pomegranate seeds, and you've got an adults-only dessert that's perfect for eating next to a blazing hearth. 

Divino Italian Restaurant, 1803 West Alabama, may have a reputation for stuffiness, but Joanna O'Leary of Urban Swank thinks that the restaurant combines traditional Italian fare with just the right touch of modern Texas cuisine. She recommends the grilled quail with Morello cherries and polenta, but she says you have to try it fast, as the restaurant has an ever-rotating seasonal menu. Be sure to check out the curated wine list while you're there.

That's all for this week's round-up of the Houston food blog scene! If there's a blog you love that we missed, leave us a comment or send us an email to tell us about it.
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Alexandra Doyle