This Week In Houston Food Blogs: New Looks at Crisp, Pizaro's and Lupe Tortilla

The "I Chew and Review" blog takes a look at the new Crisp wine bar at 2520 Research Forest in The Woodlands. Among the good points are early lunch times, serve-yourself-by-the-glass wine machines and a good beer selection. The burger at Crisp is quite good, although the blog deems the burgers at both Fielding's Wood Grill and Hubbell & Hudson to be superior.

Coincidentally, the H-Town Chow Down blog has its own write-up on Crisp. They like the place, too, and cite the pizzas, charcuterie board and an Italian riff on Shrimp and Grits as especially noteworthy. Crisp's take on it is with polenta instead of grits and includes smoked bacon, fresh basil, and roasted garlic tomato sauce. It sounds amazing.

The news at the Houston Fed blog is less good as he bids "Adios" to Lupe Tortilla after a lackluster, expensive dinner. The $19.95 price tag on so-so beef fajitas didn't help. Two mediocre margaritas and two entrées totaled $63 after tax and tip. Ouch.

Speaking of high beef prices: Daniel Vaughn at the Texas Monthly TM BBQ blog has found data that indicates that they may finally be coming back down. While it will be a while before we'll see it at a retail level, wholesale brisket has dropped to $2.74 a pound--the lowest price in a year.

CocoDijon makes the pilgrimage to the new Pizaro's Pizza in the Montrose area and loves it, with nothing ranking below a 4.5 on a five-point scale. They tried the Campania Pizza with tomato sauce, roasted Crimini mushrooms, artichokes, cotto ham, black olives, mozzarella, basil and extra prosciutto; the Cornicione Di Ricotta e Spinaci, a margherita pizza with a spinach and ricotta stuffed crust; and the Nutella pizza for dessert.

Blue Jean Gourmet teaches us how to make Gnocchi Alla Romana this week. These are comprised of semolina and a hefty dose of Parmesan. These are apparently easier than the little potato-based ones. There's rarely a recipe that appears here that doesn't tie into a deeper meaning. This one is in remembrance of her dad and on the importance of celebrating life.

That's it for "This Week In Houston Food Blogs." If you or someone you know has a blog that we should check out, email us or leave a comment below!

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