Greg Gatlin of Gatlin's BBQ has expanded his operation from this small house to a 4,000-square-foot restaurant with a little more breathing room for both diners and cooks.
Greg Gatlin of Gatlin's BBQ has expanded his operation from this small house to a 4,000-square-foot restaurant with a little more breathing room for both diners and cooks.
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This Week in Houston Food Blogs: October Means Witchcraft and Candied Applies

This week, we've got some unusual recipes, plus reviews of a great burger, the revised menu at a spooky bar and a new barbecue location. 

Charred romaine salad sounds and looks fancy, but the Pancake Princess assures us that it's very doable. Drizzle some tahini-ginger dressing on top and people might think that you deserve your own cooking show. The best part is that you could probably do the whole thing in about five minutes, including preparation. Don't forget the anchovies on top for a little extra flair!

Hank on Food paid a visit to Jersey Village favorite The Backyard Grill, 9453 Jones, and was pleasantly surprised to find that the restaurant has seriously improved its craft beer list since his first visit. He tried the hangover burger, which is topped with sausage, bacon, eggs, Sriracha mayo and the regular fixin's, which he adored so much that it made it onto his National Cheeseburger Day list. It was A's across the board for this Cypress eatery, plus a gold star for having made significant improvements since his last visit.

Witchcraft Tavern & Provision Co. at 1221 West 11th impressed Erika Kwee writing at Urban Swank with its new menu that steers away from burgers and fries and toward tasty homestyle small plates. The sweet pea toast with whipped-up peas and pecorino scored well, as did the sunchoke fries with rosemary aioli. The best bang for your buck, she says, is the enormous coconut icebox pie, although the dark chocolate pâté stood up to the challenge fairly well, too. 

If you've got a high-class Halloween party in your future, you might want to keep this candied apple macaron recipe from Sugar & Cloth on hand for the occasion. You're welcome to make your own macarons, but her first step is to get green macarons, which sounds fine to us. All that's left is the decorating, which will make those macarons almost too cute to eat — almost. 

It's been a while since we shared a blog post for our barbecue fans, so here's one — BBQ Bryan of the Texas BBQ Treasure Hunt checked out the new Gatlin's BBQ location at 3510 Ella, where he found good food that was a bit overshadowed by a long wait, both to get in the door and to get his order. However, he found the fare about the same as at the original location, with the exception of sausage that was sourced from Ruffino Meats instead of B&W Meat Co., and he has high hopes for this location, once the kitchen kinks have been ironed out.

Finally, Andie of the Can You Stay for Dinner? blog shared this decadent frosted hazelnut espresso brownie recipe, complete with espresso suggestions and a chocolate hazelnut frosting (finally, something to do with your stash of Nutella!). Since they're espresso-infused brownies, we absolutely won't blame you if they become part of your next brunch feast.

That's all for this week's blogging roundup! If you know of a blog that you'd like to see featured, leave us a comment or send us an email.

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