This Week In Houston Food Blogs: Servers Can Make All The Difference

Houston Fed’s chronicle of all the restaurants he visited in April is well worth reading. He starts off with a tale of how a server can completely change whether or not a diner will enjoy the experience. After that, it’s a whirlwind tour around Houston, all in one blog post. It’s a terrific roundup. 

CocoDijon wasn’t entirely impressed with a visit to the new Sud Italia Ristorante that replaced Bistro des Amis at 2347 University in Rice Village. Service was very polite and attentive but “lacked knowledge.” The environment was deemed “quaint” and charming but the food had middling marks thanks to a under-temperature steak and an underseasoned Burrata Con Pomodoro with an unripe tomato.

It’s the end of the school year and the beginning of summer, which means warm-weather vegetables. Blue Jean Gourmet has her own harvest of okra and shares a recipe of that also incorporates potatoes. It’s so good that little kids will even interrupt a photo shoot to snag a bite.

The Texas Pit Quest blog has a write-up on fun-loving barbecuers Blood Bros. BBQ, who are Robin and Terry Wong (who also own) Glitter Karaoke and pitmaster Quy Hoang. It’s isn’t all about good personalities, though. They’re also turning out fine barbecue, including perfect brisket and “peppery-spicy, smoky, and tender” pork ribs.

Ceviche is one of the most popular warm-weather dishes. Marcy de Luna has a roundup of five ceviches to try for Zagat Houston. Two of the most interesting choices are the deluxe option at PESKA Seafood Culture (octopus, shrimp, scallop and oysters, housemade cocktail sauce, avocado and crispy leeks) and the Concha Negra at Andes Café (black clams, lime juice, ketchup, mustard, pickled red onions, cilantro and olive oil served with sliced green plantains and toasted corn).

Planning to cook on Memorial Day? Go off the beaten path with sliders that sport Korean flavors. The Honestly Yum blog has a recipe that incorporates spicy gochujang, kimchi and Korean salad. It sounds like a total winner.

That’s it for This Week In Houston Food Blogs! We’re always on the hunt for the best, Houston-oriented blogs, so if you know of a new one, send us an email or leave a comment below. 
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