This Week in Houston Food Blogs: Southern Barbecue, Peaches and Comfort Food

This week, we've got two surprisingly easy recipes and reviews of a few under-the-radar eateries. Plus, how good can a restaurant in a furniture store really be?

Daniel Vaughn of the Texas Monthly Barbecue Blog visited Southern Q BBQ at 16540 Kuykendahl and found the loaded baked potato a sight for sore eyes. He was also impressed by the sausage, made by a local meat market to Southern Q specs. Vaughn was excited to find that the restaurant uses East Texas-style barbecue in an area where many are following the Central Texas style, and found the drive well worth the trip.

In a short visit to The Woodlands, Tarel of The Hungry Rells visited The Republic Grill, 4775 West Panther Creek, whose Southern fare was quite satisfying, especially the creamed corn. Also, the service was outstanding. The next day, he checked out Schilleci's New Orleans Kitchen, 9595 Six Pines, where the standout was the blackened tilapia. Finally, he tried Hubbell and Hudson Kitchen, 4526 Research Forest, for Sunday brunch, where he enjoyed the steak omelette and the Texas breakfast variety plate. Altogether, Tarel was impressed with each restaurant for quality and intriguing food.

Recipes for stuffed anything can seem daunting, but Bev of Bev Cooks promises that these stuffed peppers are the easiest possible execution of a potentially time-consuming dish. They're filled with ground turkey, corn, rice, cheese, garlic and more, then topped with marinara sauce and crunchy panko. It's a lot of ingredients, but the easy part is that everything cooks in the oven together — there's no pre-cooking the rice or boiling the peppers, just the sweet feeling of getting it all done at once.

Boomtown Coffee, 242 West 19th, got a mixed review from CocoDijon, who found the service and ambience good except for a lack of electrical outlets, which is unusual for a coffee shop. The iced mocha toddy earned high marks for its smoothness and chocolaty flavors, and the latte did fairly well with plenty of foam and a touch of nuttiness. The real loser was a stale chocolate croissant that didn't contain enough chocolate to justify its name. 

Hank at Hank on Food decided to satisfy his curiosity (and ours) about Brick & Mortar Kitchen at 7227 West Grand Parkway South inside of Gallery Furniture. No, you don't have to walk through Gallery Furniture to get to the restaurant, but apparently it would be worth the walk if you did. The burgers are made from a mixture of locally sourced brisket, pork cheeks, pork belly, bacon, chuck, sirloin and tenderloin, which turned out juicy and flavorful on a challah bun. The grilled salmon was well-cooked and had plenty of moisture. A daily special, duck confit pizza, scored an A++ rating for its layers of tender meat, dried figs, blue cheese, gorgonzola and fresh arugula over a Neapolitan crust.

It's peach season, and the folks at Honestly YUM are celebrating the harvest with all the peach recipes you could want. This peach tarte tatin surprised them with its ease. An upside-down tart sounds difficult, but the hardest part is flipping it over once you've made it. Otherwise, all you need is puff pastry and peaches, plus vanilla, sugar and cognac for flavoring. As the saying goes, it's as easy as (upside-down) pie!

That's it for This Week in Houston Food Blogs! If you know of a blog that you'd like to see featured, leave us a comment or send us an email. See you next week!
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Alexandra Doyle