This Week in Houston Food Blogs: Spicy and Spotted Cocktails

This week's blog round-up includes a hearty vegetarian recipe, a classic Southern meal idea straight from Alabama and a review of a favorite Houston dual-concept restaurant.

Gristle & Gossip has a recipe for you to try for next week's meatless Monday – check out this one-pot lentil, sweet potato and coconut curry. It's a quick recipe to make at only an hour including prep time, and the clean-up will be a breeze. The blogger suggests serving the curry over jasmine rice, and it also makes excellent leftovers for weekday lunches. We're thinking that a few leaves of fresh basil might sweeten the deal and add a little pop of green, too.

La Grange, 2517 Ralph, received a glowing review from first-time visitor Kim of Adventures in a New(ish) City. She isn't a huge margarita drinker, but Kim adored the Carlos Danger 'rita, which uses jalapeño- and pineapple-infused tequila and has a pretty hefty kick to it for just that reason. She enjoyed the veggie enchiladas, although she recommends adding salsa or sour cream on them, and she was excited to report that the beans and rice at La Grange are both vegetarian-friendly and well-prepared.

Jed Portman of Garden & Gun's Daily Shot blog shared this recipe for Alabama-style Frito pie straight from Acre, an eatery in Auburn that specializes in Southern fare. Chef David Bancroft says that the secret is the fat-rich roux that gives the chili a smoothness and flavor that can't be beat. The recipe calls for beef, but you can use any meat you'd like. We think that venison sounds pretty good – but don't you dare substitute anything else for those Fritos.

Dual concept up-and-comer Black & White, 1001 Studewood, made the Urban Swank Girls into die-hard fans with its upscale and cool atmosphere, great bars (yes, there are three) and, of course, outstanding food. Their favorites were fried fish tacos with pico de gallo, chipotle mayo and refried beans, and the white brownie with berries and lemon. The elderflower cosmo stood out on the cocktail list for its classic-recipe-with-a-twist appeal and subtle-yet-successful execution.

Up your cocktail game with this dotted Thai fruit cocktail recipe from Ashley at Sugar & Cloth, who has seriously outdone herself this time. These beautiful (and, honestly, a bit complicated) cocktails use basil seeds and a dragonfruit garnish to create a spotted pattern throughout and colorful jelly for a splash of color and texture. You also have to create your own rose grenadine for a garnish, and the base liquor for the whole thing is Green Chartreuse. This might not become your go-to nightcap, but it's sure to impress your friends at your next shindig.

Finally, Claire of The Petite Professional has a recipe for Moroccan-style, lamb-stuffed acorn squash that she says came to her out of the clear blue sky. Red onion, sautéed apple, mint and pistachio create a swirl of unique but well-matched flavors, and she swears by grass-fed lamb for its lower fat content and higher nutritional value than other meats. She also says that this dish works well for meal preparation; make four servings at once as the recipe suggests and enjoy this decadent dish all week long, to the chagrin of your frozen-meal-munching colleagues.

That's it for this week's review of the Houston food blog scene! Come back next week for more highlights. Also, is there a blog you love that we've never featured? Leave us a comment or send us an email to tell us about it.
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Alexandra Doyle