This Week in Houston Food Blogs: The Mad Scientists at Dunkin' Donuts

This week, we check out a downtown barbecue joint, celebrate everyone's right to marry and enjoy some lobster at Liberty Kitchen.

Hank of Hank on Food sat down for donuts and coffee with Jeff Miller and Paul Racicot, part of the culinary and research teams that create the menu of Dunkin' Donuts. They discussed the development of new flavors, such as Oreo donuts and coffee, and how Dunkin' fits into the local coffee scene. Hank likes the nostalgia and personality of the chain, and he's now got two very enthusiastic team members to like, also.

Jackson Street BBQ at 209 Jackson was heralded by the Texas Monthly BBQ blog as the best barbecue option in downtown Houston by a landslide. The collaboration between pitmaster Greg Gatlin and chef Bryan Caswell features Gatlin's meat-smoking prowess and Caswell's other culinary talents, including some festive-looking jalapeño cheese biscuits. There were a few minor could've-been-better moments, but altogether Jackson Street earned a 3.5 out of 5.

Although the restaurant didn't score well in ambience, CocoDijon enjoyed Ambrosia, an Asian fusion eatery at 2003 Lexington on the edge of the Museum District. The service was highly rated, and the standout dish was citrus salmon sashimi, a light dish with a dash of ginger and crispy topping. Another interesting dish to try is the curry wedges, a poutine-like bowl of fries covered with yellow chicken curry.

The legalization of gay marriage has been an emotional celebration for many, and the food bloggers are not excluded. Nishta of Blue Jean Gourmet celebrated by marrying her longtime partner, and she posted this recipe for pecan wedding cookies to help you celebrate, too. You may want to have a box of tissues nearby for this one, but luckily you can bake and then eat your feelings very shortly. Congratulations, and thanks for the cookie recipe, Nishta!

People love to love Liberty Kitchen at 4224 San Felipe, and Lindy of the Patty and David Said blog felt the same way. The server was patient with her large group of non-Houstonian diners, and the only issues were parking and traffic— things that are only deterrents to non-Houstonians! The most-admired dish of the evening was the lobster bolognese, complete with large chunks of lobster, creamy sauce, hearty noodles and garlic bread with entire garlic cloves on top. 

Now that you've read this whole post, reward yourself with a watermelon balsamic cocktail slushy, brought to you by Honestly YUM. If you've spent a summer in Houston before, you already know that a slushy is not just a treat for kids; it is possibly the drink of the gods, and this one has the refined flavor and adult edge you've been waiting for.

That's all for This Week in Houston Food Blogs! If you know of a blog you'd like to see featured, leave us a comment or send us an email. See you next week!
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Alexandra Doyle