This Week in (Unrestrained) Deliciousness

In true Mardi Gras fashion, this week Eating Our Words was a celebration of excess. After all, we kicked it off with a gallon of butter and a call to judge our Burger Brackets. Your enthusiasm for beef is overwhelming (and I want one of those T-shirts!).

If you haven't noticed, we drink a bit. This week we offered tips for entertaining (in a nutshell - food, booze, booze, and oh yeah, more booze), advised against giving up the sauce for lent, mowed down a few mojitos on the bayou, tried a beer from Walgreens, and offered a tasteful wine pairing for greasy fast food fish.

We enjoyed a superfluity of salmon, stunk up a theater with the mother of all sandwiches, and assessed personality types with M&Ms. And then we summoned a shitstorm of response for capping off a Top 5 list off with a selection from (GASP!) Olive Garden. OH THE HUMANITY!

Our carnival of overindulgence naturally progressed toward pigs. Katharine Shilcutt partied till the pork ran out, Joanna O' Leary enjoyed "pure, unadulterated, pig flesh" at the world's oldest restaurant in Spain, and we were beside ourselves about the National Pork Board's uninspiring new slogan.

But Mardi Gras week would not have been complete without an homage to mudbugs. Katherine Shilcutt offered a demonstration on how to properly eat a crawfish in addition to the 10 ten crawfish joints in which to do so.

Stay classy Houston--and always suck the head.

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Lauren Marmaduke
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