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This Week's Restaurant Review: Tyson Cole's Uchi

See our slideshow of Uchi's gorgeous interior.

This week for her print restaurant review, Katharine Shilcutt tackled a mighty one: Uchi. You know the one, right? The Houston outpost of James Beard Award-winning Tyson Cole's Uchi and Uchiko in Austin? Of course you do.

Does the Westheimer spot live up to the hype? Yes. Shilcutt calls the food "a carefully orchestrated marriage between haute cuisine and high art" and says to be prepared for "one of the best meals of the year, or perhaps your life." Given all the press Uchi has received, though, that's hardly surprising.

What is surprising is Uchi's unexpectedly affordable happy hour.

Shilcutt and a friend hit Uchi's happy hour, which runs from 5 to 6:30 p.m., and feasted for $30 per person. For diners unprepared to go all out, this is an option. And Shilcutt notes it's not hard to get in for happy hour, either.

This accessibility is by design. "It's comfortable," Director of Culinary Operations Philip Speer told Shilcutt in an interview. "I think of it as casual -- you can come in and just have a good time. We always want to maintain that neighborhood feel."

Go read the review, and you'll be scheming to get there tonight.

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