Three Brothers Bakery Charms With Anti-Valentine's Day Treats

Valentine's Day can really blow. The years I have been single and lonely on February 14 still outnumber the (recent) years when I have not been, so when people tell me they loathe the holiday because it only reinforces feelings of personal inadequacy brought on by their solo status, I can empathize.

One February was particularly harsh. I had been seeing this young lad horrendous douchebag musician for a few months and things, I thought, were progressing well. We had a lot of fun spending time together, feelings were growing deeper and there was even some talk of future plans. Then, a week before Valentine's Day, he grew distant. After I hadn't heard from him for more than 48 hours, he called on the evening of the holiday itself and (you know what's coming) dumped my sorry ass. Thanks, Dick.*

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Joanna O'Leary