Thursday Spaghetti at Saint Basil

Doh! I forgot to go to the Thursday spaghetti luncheon at Saint Basil the Great Greek Orthodox Church on Eldridge Parkway again. Every Thursday I wake up with the intention of going to the spaghetti luncheon, but then something happens or I just plain forget about it. I love the idea of a spaghetti fundraiser at a church named St. Basil. I never even knew there was a St. Basil. Turns out he was called St. Basil the Great to differentiate him from his father, Saint Basil the Elder. He was famous for a homily condemning usury, but there are no records of any food writing.

Thursday spaghetti lunches are Houston tradition. I am also extremely fond of the Sacred Heart Society's Thursday spaghetti lunch held at the Whitney Oaks hall at 816 Whitney every week. That Thursday spaghetti fundraiser has been going on for more than 50 years. It's especially fun during campaign season. Politicians are allowed to address the huge crowd, but only if they buy everyone a glass of wine.

I promise I will make it to St. Basil one of these Thursdays and file a full report. If you know of any other spaghetti lunches, please fill us in.

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