Timmy Chan's Sues Facebook, Go Daddy and Houston Hip Hop News Over "Rat Fetus" Photo

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According to a lawsuit filed on April 25, Houston restaurant chain Timmy Chan's lost 80 percent of its business after a photo of a rat fetus in a dish of fried rice was posted to Houston Hip Hop News's Facebook page.

Although Houston Hip Hop News claimed that the rat was found in a Timmy Chan's order, a cursory Internet search revealed that the photo had been circulating across the Internet for years. Each time it popped up, it was attributed to some poor Chinese restaurant in some random city.

As a result, Timmy Chan's is now suing Houston Hip Hop News -- but the lawsuit doesn't stop there. It also names Facebook and Houston Hip Hop News's website domain provider, Go Daddy, as co-defendants in the case.

In a rather hilarious cease and desist letter sent on April 17, Timmy Chan's attorney, J. Robert Brown, addresses Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg directly.

"Dear Mr. Zuckerberg," the letter begins. "The purpose of this letter is to inform you of certain libelous statements posted through your service on Facebook by Houston Hip Hop News, and to demand that Facebook immediately cease and desist from this libelous conduct by de-hosting Houston Hip Hop News, withdrawing its Facebook page and barring the owners of Houston Hip Hop News from any future account with your company."

Those demands were clearly not met, as not only does Houston Hip Hop News still maintain a Facebook page -- the Timmy Chan's rat fetus photo was still posted to its page as of Monday, April 29, among other photos including a cartoon of Homer Simpson with bloodshot eyes that is captioned "High as Fuck."

The caption on the rat fetus photo remains the same as when it was initially posed on April 15: "A rat was found in a customer food at Timmy Chan on M.L.K Reported by: www.HoustonHipHopNews.com."

The main Web site for Houston Hip Hop News has been taken down by Go Daddy after a similar cease and desist letter was sent to the domain provider by Timmy Chan's. Dennis L. Richardson, owner of Houston Hip Hop News and co-defendant in the lawsuit, replied on Facebook:

If you tired to go to our website you will see it gives you this page due to haters trying to take www.HoustonHipHopNews.com out the game cause we are so powerful with a big following, but we can't be stopped GoDaddy.com will get back at us with more info by Monday.. P.S HATERS this just making us about to "Turn UP" even more our city can't be stopped! #HTOWN

Richardson later posted: "If GOD with us who could be against us.... #OnlyFools"

Only fools, and Timmy Chan's.

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