Tips from Rick Bayless - with Beer!

Tips from Rick Bayless - with Beer!

We recently headed over to Sam's Club to pick up some provisions. After our customary Polish Hot Dog Combo for $1.50 plus tax, we headed over to the beer aisle.

This place always has a limited beer selection, with a few standards like the 24-pack of Corona 7-ounce bottles or the Shiner Family Reunion pack. We settled on a case of Beers of Mexico, which includes Dos Equis Amber and Lager Especial, Sol and Tecate.

When we got home and opened the case, we found a little Rick Bayless pamphlet with recipes and tips for throwing an "authentic" Mexican Fiesta...Okay, how awesome is this?

Yeah, I know the guy is a little douchey, but while most celebrity chefs are getting their own line of knives and pans to sell at Target, this bad-ass is putting his name and recipes, like salsa macaroni and cheese and bacon queso, inside a case of beer! We have a whole new respect for him.

What's next? Is Mario Batali going to put his recipes and face on a jug of wine. Better yet, how about a line of Bobby Flay shot glasses shaped like squeeze bottles? Then you can squirt mango-habanero-infused vodka into your mouth!

You go, Rick Bayless.


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