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Tired of Handing Out Candy on Halloween? Here Are Our Top 5 Alternative Treats

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Just because Halloween is the most candy-centric holiday in the universe doesn't mean you have to give out nothing but Snickers, Skittles, Skor bars or other similar (and traditional) treats. And while I wouldn't advise being Those People who hand out bags of carrot sticks or circus peanuts, I would encourage you to offer some alternative booty. Here are five worthy of trick-or-treaters:

5. Snyder's of Hanover Pretzel Bites. Yes, technically, you could give out small bags of other brands of pretzels, but the Snyder's mini-bags are dressed for Halloween and thus more in the spirit of the season. Plus, the bags can be filled with leaves and reused as lawn decorations.

4. Animal Crackers. In a world in which money grew on trees, I would strongly recommend handing out delightful, albeit pricey, boxes of Barnum's Animal Crackers. Unless you expect only a few trick-or-treaters or are a millionaire, try the tasty, cheaper blue bags from Austin.

3. Juice Boxes. Making the rounds on Halloween night is very much an endurance event for the tykes. Offer some hydration in the form of juice boxes (stick to 100 percent juice or low-sugar varieties to keep the parents happy) and you'll be the official neighborhood rest stop.

2. Funley's Stix in the Mud (especially the Peanut Butter). I was extremely dubious as to the edibility of a cookie treat that boasted being "100% natural" with "No Artificial Anything!" These descriptors could also be applied to kale, and we've already discussed why Halloween is not the time to recruit converts to vegetarianism. After trying these terrific bite-size nuggets of cookie bits, milk chocolate and peanut butter/caramel, I almost wish I hadn't known they're not that bad for you. Because though now I feel less guilty for eating them, I feel more guilty for passing them out on Halloween. Guess I'll just let kids take as many as they want to cancel out the healthfulness factor.

1. Popcorn Balls. So retro, they're cool (again). You definitely won't have trouble finding a recipe on the Internet, plus you can customize your balls (THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID) with different candies, or even use honey or agave syrup to cut down on the sugar factor. As you hand them out, regale the trick-or-treaters with lengthy stories about how popcorn balls were the hottest confection on the block during World War II. Then, watch their eyes glaze over.

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