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Top 10 Foods to Keep In Your Desk

Let's face it, not everyone eats three square meals a day. We Americans snack, and most of us have boring, sit on your butt all day kind of jobs, and are still too busy to take our lunch breaks.

Below are 10 of the best things to stash in your desk. Most of these are kinda crappy for you, but then you can't keep salad for a year in your desk.

10. Ready-to-eat tuna salad packs: When these first hit the market, we thought, "are people really that lazy that they need to buy these?" Apparently, we got that lazy.

9. Freeze dried/fried veggies: We all know to eat our veggies, but these sorta-healthy veggie snacks are much more fun than a cup of cooked carrots. Sure, they still have a ton of salt, but at least we can trick our brain into thinking they don't.

8. Saltines: When your hungry co-workers ask loudly if anyone has any crackers, you can cackle and hide them in your drawer.

7. Oatmeal packets: Maple brown sugar goodness. These are awesome pre-happy hour snacks.

6. Granola bars: Yeah, some aren't that great for you, but nothing tastes better than oatmeal squeezed together with little chocolate chips when you are really, really hungry.

5. Girl Scout Cookies: We shamefully buy enough to last us for almost an entire year.

4. Instant soup cups: Salt, schmalt. These salty noodle cups are awesome in a pinch. We aren't so high and mighty that we've never had some instant lunch.

3. Chocolate-covered coffee beans: A working drone's dream... coffee, chocolate? Of course! With most brands, you can eat 30 percent more coffee beans than candy bars for the same calories.

2. Peanut butter: peanut butter is an awesome snack for those I'm going to eat all my Girl Scout Cookies if I don't eat something soon moments. It also tastes excellent atop the bagel you stole from your jerkface co-worker's stash in the fridge. Mmm, revenge...

1. Zatarain's instant rice meals: We keep these everywhere. And let's admit it, they're better than stinking tuna salad.

So, what are your favorite things to hide from your coworkers?

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