Top 10 Restaurants in Montrose

It's a little bit insane to try and narrow down all of the food options in the Montrose area to a "top 10." This list, as with all others, is personal and also imperfect. Such an exercise will surely lead to impassioned protests of "How could you be so stupid as to have missed _____?" and insults of our intelligence, ability to read, taste, judgment, mothers, etc. But wait -- readers regularly insult those things anyway. So let's proceed.

Honorable Mention: Anvil (1424 Westheimer)

Bring on the hate, because Anvil just started serving brunch, and it's really damn good. It's also really reasonably priced. At our recent visit, a trio of cocktail-inspired muffins ($3 for three standard-size muffins) were warm and light, the breakfast pizza satisfying and enough for two people ($9), and the coffee cocktails by David Buehrer creative and delicious (try the Occam's Razor, with tequila, crème de cacao, cream, habanero tincture and mint). Turns out Anvil is really quite beautiful by the light of uncrowded day, and their brunch is an affordable way to enjoy it.

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Nishta Mehra