Top 5 Airplane Snacks

Last week, Continental announced that complimentary meals would no longer be offered for most passengers. Starting this fall, healthier meals will be available for purchase to economy passengers. Continental will reserve complimentary meals for first-class passengers, international flights, and domestic flights more than six hours. First, it was luggage. Now, it's food. The era of freebies is ending, friends.

If you require more sustenance than a miniscule bag of pretzels or nuts, then you'll have to bring your own snacks on the plane. We definitely can't go five-and-a-half hours on just a bag of unsalted nuts. Our top 5 airplane snacks will help you stave off the excruciating hunger pains and get you to your destination full and happy.

1. Trail mix - Skip buying the big bag of trail mix at the airport convenience store and just make it at home. You'll save yourself some money, and you won't have to pick out those unidentifiable dried "fruits."

2. Beef jerky - It's good for the car, and it's good for the plane. It's the miracle snack. Beef jerky is tasty, compact, and it will get past security. These days not just any snack will do. You need a snack that will fit in your carry-on and won't get you frisked.

3. Turkey roll-ups - For longer flights, you'll need more than just a little snack to keep you going. We like rolling up turkey and hummus in a flour tortilla. The hummus won't make the roll-up soggy, and it won't matter if it gets squished in your bag.

The only downside will be the crumbs all over your shirt and seat.

4. Cheese and crackers - Cheese and crackers are easy and filling, and they don't smell. The last thing fellow passengers want is someone snacking on smelly food, so leave the pungent cheeses at home.

5. Tomato juice - Some of us can barely remember to pack all of our clothes, let alone snacks, for the plane. If you find yourself on the plane sans snacks, order a virgin Bloody Mary with the garnishes. The tomato juice will fill you up and give you a good dose of lycopene.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.