Top 5 Appetizing T-Shirts For Foodies

The worlds of food and fashion have collided before, not always to appetizing or affordable results. Clothing can be a terrific way to wave your foodie freak flag, and when done right, gastronomic apparel can be great fun, comfortable, and even figure-flattering ('cause of course you want to be able to wear it while you're eating). Here are five of my favorite T-shirts for foodies:

5. I Put Ketchup on My Ketchup. This tee hits pretty close to home, for one of my most shameful "secrets" is that I really overdo it on the ketchup. On one occasion my friend Hadyn will probably never forget I sort of freaked out when I was served (at someone else's home, mind you) an unbelievable steak only to learn there was no ketchup to be found in that household. Yeah, yeah, laugh all you want; I know I am not alone in recognizing that even the best meat (or sandwich or potato or, um, oyster) can be made that much better with ketchup!

4. Bacon Is The Gateway Meat. If I had a dime for every time a (non-ethically-motivated) vegetarian told me, "I don't eat meat. Well, except for bacon," I would have enough money to buy a used toy car. But seriously, if there's any meat product for which people who are normally very strident about their dietary restrictions make an exception for, it's bacon. And, then, before you know it, well, locally-sourced seafood is okay. Then, free-range chicken. Then beef on special occasions...

3. got bibambap?. Well, no, not on my person, but I would certainly like some. Perfect for anyone who's a fan of Korean food (and who isn't, really), this shirt simultaneously conveys the fact that you're worldly enough to know the name of specific dishes but also don't take yourself too seriously because of this knowledge.

2. Retro Reese's. Someone very near and dear to my heart owns this shirt and I swear to God, every time he wears it in public a stranger pays him a compliment. I could be donning a friggin' Alexander McQueen ballgown and no one would notice. Sigh. But I have to admit, it's for good reason: the bright orange color and retro logo would make even a sugar-free zealot nostalgic (hungry) for peanut butter cups. Mmmm.

1. Cinco de Mayo(nnaise). I first spotted this T-shirt at my gym and I sort of wanted to tear it off the guy wearing it. Which probably would have been scary for him, so it's good I didn't. Because I often have a nine-year-old boy's sense of humor, I appreciate the silly play on words. Plus, this shirt not only reminds me how mayonnaise makes everything better, but also gets me psyched for Cinco de Mayo Tex-Mex specials.

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