Top 5 Bachelorette Party Picks

Bachelor parties are usually a bit more straightforward than the bachelorette version. Get some steak or wings, find cheap drinks, then hit a strip club. While women could certainly do the same thing, we tend to have less fun filling ourselves up with fatty foods and then getting lap dances from men dressed as dirty cops. Yes, we all the love the jello shots with whip cream at La Bare, but there are only so many cock socks you handle seeing in a weekend. For those trying to class it up a bit, here are our top 5 five places to visit when bidding farewell to your singleton status.

5. Hearsay For a bachelorette private party dinner venue, Hearsay is an excellent choice. You can reserve the upstairs room for you and your girls, including your own private bartender. The drinks are chi-chi and delicious, with several sparkly options that will definitely get the celebration started. Plus the menu includes lots of good appetizers and lighter options so that you can eat enough before you start drinking, but still look good in your teeny skirt and heels. The location is excellent if you're up for some downtown clubbing post-food.

4. Mercer Mercer is one of the most fun dance clubs around because while it's full of people drinking, dancing and getting their flirt on, it's also hidden enough that it is not overly jammed most nights. The DJ spins the latest hip-hop and pop numbers from the radio, and the dance floor is big enough to get your groove on. The patio is nice and spacious for when you want to take a breather, and there are multiple private areas that can be accessed with bottle service.

3. Benjy's on Washington With a good selection of beer, wine and specialty cocktails, Benjy's on Washington is a great place to start your night. Bachelorette guests can nosh on fancy, tasty appetizers or opt for bigger entrée portions of Asian- and American-inspired cuisine. There are vegetarian and pescatarian options for the pickier girls in the group, which is always a must. Plus the restaurant has a hip vibe and chic crowd that will put all the ladies in a see-and-be-seen frame of mind.

2. Eight Eight is one the biggest and nicest clubs on the Washington strip - a prime location for all bachelorette soirees. You can chill out at a table downstairs with one of their gourmet, fruity martinis that often include girly accouterments like edible flowers and honey rims. There are also several good places for dancing, as well as a spacious rooftop patio that provides a prime place to scope out cute boys walking by. And there is plenty of clean bathroom space available to provide a backdrop for the night's inevitable girl drama.

1. South Beach Any good bachelorette party has to include some room for debauchery, and South Beach is the place to do it safely. You can find cute, half-dressed, sexy boys to flirt with all night without worrying about them getting the wrong idea. There are usually cheap drink specials, the DJ plays all your favorite top 40 hits, and you can be as loud and crazy as you want with no one batting an eye.

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Geri Maria Harris