Top 5 Best Bloody Marys to Ring in the New Year

Let's be honest. You don't feel so hot after last night's New Year's Eve celebration. When you downed your last champagne cocktail at two a.m., the world was your oyster. This morning, the thought of oysters makes you nauseous. Never fear. We will help you find that spicy cure-all to help you ring in the New Year with a smile and not a headache.

1. Cyclone Anaya's Mexican Kitchen (309 Gray Street) - It's worth braving the super-fabulous crowds at Cyclone Anaya's for a sip of their peppery Bloody Mary. The mixture of Zing Zang Bloody Mary mix, Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco is topped with olives, lime and celery and served in a salt-rimmed glass. It's not too spicy and it's not too thick, but you will know you are getting a good dose of the vodka hangover cure. Our only complaint was the tall, phallic-looking glass. It made it very hard to drink

2. Under the Volcano (2349 Bissonnet Street) - The taste of the Volcano Bloody Mary isn't going to knock your socks off, but it is going to fill you up. This Bloody Mary made our list because of its long list of fixin's. Sausage, celery, pepperoncini, olive and okra turn this relatively normal beverage into a meal.


3. Shiloh Club (1321 Studewood Street) - The last thing you would expect from a bar where Bud Light reigns supreme is a homemade Bloody Mary. Every week, the bartenders at Shiloh make homemade pickled green beans with habañero peppers to top their simple yet spicy Bloody Mary. You won't find canned garnishes or premade mix here. It's all homemade deliciousness.

4. Griff's (3416 Roseland Street) - What's their secret ingredient? Guinness. Yes, we know it sounds terrible, but, trust us, the chocolaty beer gives this Bloody Mary a surprising kick. There are no garnishes other than a lemon, but this Bloody Mary has all the peppery spice you need built in.

5. Mugsy's (2239 Richmond) -

What makes Mugsy's Bloody Mary different is everything is fresh - fresh cracked pepper, fresh horseradish, fresh everything. They don't keep a jar of premade mix sitting for days behind the counter. This super-spicy Bloody Mary will cure all your New Year's Day pains.

These are our favorites for any day of the year. What are yours?

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Jane Catherine Collins