Top 5 Booze Ads From The 80s

Earlier this week we looked at some of the most memorable fast food commercials from the 1980s. Now it's time to charge your flux capacitors for a trip back to see some of the best and most sexually perverse booze ads the 80's had to offer.

5. Bud Light: Spuds Mackenzie

Who are the ad wizards that came up with this one? They called him, "The Original Party Animal", I call him a dog that successfully seduces human bitches. Either way, it was a hit and Bud's stranglehold on the US beer market continued. Bestiality rules!

4. Bartles & Jaymes: The two old dudes

The two first two words that come to mind when I hear wine cooler are "heart & burn". The second two words would be Bartles & Jaymes. Back in the 80's there was a folksy, chubby guy and a slim, silent fella that went on crazy adventures to introduce you to flavors like Black Cherry.

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Lennie Ambrose