Top 5 Champagne Cocktails

New Years Day is right around the corner. When most people think of drinking on New Year's Eve, they think of drinking champagne, a general symbol of wealth and prosperity (and tastiness), as they toast at midnight. So, we gathered up our favorite champagne cocktails for those who want a twist on the traditional bubbly.

5. The Flirtini - A lesser known cousin of the bellini, which we oddly find at a lot of sushi bars. To make, pour one shot each of pineapple juice and vodka into a tall glass. Top off with champagne.

4. The Black Velvet - Believe it or not, this drink is actually tasty (although we think wrongly named... it's more like a brown velvet). Add one part dark Irish stout to a glass, top off with three parts champagne.

3. The Bellini - The bellini, one of the most famous champagne drinks, is amazingly easy to make. Take a little over half a glass of your champagne and either add the puree of one peach or one shot of peach schnapps. Stir gently and sip.

2. The Mimosa - Probably one of the most common breakfast drinks out there. Mix two or three parts of champagne with one part of orange juice. Sip daintily with pinky extended.

1. The Champagne Cocktail - In some people's eyes, this is THE champagne cocktail, and has been around for at least a century. Put a drop of bitters on a sugar cube and let it soak for a couple of minutes. Add to a champagne flute and top with champagne and a lemon twist. Happy New Year!

Tip - Quantities are approximate, as every brand of liquor and wine will have different flavors of their own and undertones. It's best to make as directed and then adjust for flavor. Keep stirring to a minimum, it tends to kill those tasty little bubbles that make these drinks so light and delicious.

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Becky Means