Top 5 Cheesiest Soft Drink Commercials

Coca-Cola Hilltop Commercial

Thirty years ago, Coca-Cola imagined itself as the arbiter of world peace. Let's just buy the world a Coke and everything will be hunky-dory. Today, America is often despised as a "Coca-Cola" culture, and Coke itself is blamed for the skyrocketing rates of obesity and diabetes in young people. Lo, how times have changed. On the plus side, this commercial had a catchy jingle and anticipated the mainstream celebration of diversity (cheesy costumes notwithstanding) with its use of African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, even cowboys -- they're all there.

Diet Rite Cola

Before there was Viagra, there was Diet Rite cola. An aging Lee Majors, the Six Million Dollar Man himself, looks in the mirror and pines for his lost mojo. Nothing a little working out and Diet Rite cola can't fix. By the end of the commercial his lady friend (a young Sela Ward?) is giving him the elevator eyes and hinting at some extracurricular activities after their evening out.


Long before Jim Jones made "drinking the Kool-Aid" a household term, the Kool-Aid company had to do its own marketing with a series of bizarre commercials featuring a giant red pitcher of Kool-Aid crashing through things and generally freaking people out. Kids were oblivious, happily lapping up the sugar water. After all, this was in the day before high-fructose corn syrup and energy drinks.

Coca-Cola Mean Joe Green

Containing more saccharine than a Diet Coke, the infamous Mean Joe Green and the Kid spot opened the flood gates to the tradition of over-the-top Super Bowl commercials. It's a warm-and-fuzzy slice of Americana featuring a kindly, aging football player and a young, pudgy football fan. Today, football fans look forward to players spitting on them and flipping them the bird.

I'm a Pepper

David Naughton is a classically trained, Shakespearean actor who made it big in the '70s. Well, sort of big. Movie credits include An American Werewolf in London and Hot Dog...The Movie. Multi-talented, he also recorded the disco mega-hit Makin' It, which was spun off into a television series. But his most famous star turn may have been in the Dr. Pepper "I'm a Pepper" advertising campaign. Catchy jingle, lots of dancing, and a duet with Popeye the Sailor Man.

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