Top 5 Chicken Soups to Fight Off the Winter Blues

Between the unforgivingly cold and dreary winter we have experienced this season and the plethora of respiratory infections it brings, soup is on our mind - chicken soup. Isn't it funny how we ignore this dish ten months out of the year, but relish it when we need a warming winter pick-me-up? With all the choices in our great city, these are the ones we reach for when the mood strikes.

5) Campbell's Chicken Noodle Oh yes, we went there. We know that this soup is scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of flavor, quality and healthful benefits, but damn it, when we're sick, it's cold and rainy outside and we don't feel like getting out of bed, a can of this nuclear war-surviving soup always mysteriously happens to be in our cabinet. And at those times, we're quite thankful for its sodium-filled goodness.

4) Green Chile Chicken Soup from Central Market/ HEB For a grocery store soup, this stuff is addictively good. The creaminess of the base chills out the spiciness of the green chiles, but it still has enough of a kick to open up your clogged sinuses. Big bites of chicken add a nice texture variation. Plus you can just hang out by the soup bar and "sample" the stuff for free until you can face trekking through the puddles back out to your car.

3) El Rey Chicken Tortilla Soup A salty chicken broth with big chunks of shredded chicken, diced avocado, crunchy tortilla strips and cheese make this soup unforgettable. There are so many different taste sensations going on in this concoction, it's amazing. And it rivals the stuff we make at home, yet comes from the convenience of a drive-thru? You mean our sick and frigid booties can stay in the car? Sold!

2) Kenny and Ziggy's MishMosh Matzoh ball soup is a comfort food classic, no matter your religious persuasion, or lack thereof. K and Z's take is filled with golden noodles, matzoh balls and kreplach. We'll take two bowls to go.

1)Khun Kay's Thom Yum We are smitten with this little fast food Thai joint. Everything we've tried is good, fresh and comes out quickly. Even if you forget to call ahead, you can run in, grab your soup and be back in your flannel jammies in no time. When you order your fix of Thailand's national soup infused with lemon-lime juice, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf and mushrooms in a hot and sour broth, tell them you want it with chicken and pick your spice level from 0 (pussy) to 5 (oh my friggin' God). And prepare to feel instantly better.

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Geri Maria Harris