Top 5 Cinco de Mayo Mariachi Requests

1. Volver, Volver (Broken-hearted about a girl) Even if you're wasted, you can probably remember to say: "Volvo Volvo," which is close enough to get the mariachis to play this tears-in-the-beer classic. Check out Freddie Fender's version in the video.

2. Tu Solo Tu (Unrequited love) Another easy to remember title, which means "you only you." This Pedro Infante song makes quite an impression on first dates. "See how I'm going around woman, drunken and passionate for your love..."

3. Mi Ranchito (Broken-hearted about a ranch) Does he miss the little ranch or the woman he left behind there more? I'm guessing the ranch.

4. Pá Todo El Año (To kick off a suicidal year-long binge) A song about a guy planning to drink a whole year away and blame it on a woman. "I'm brave enough not to deny it, and I'll shout that it's for your love that I am killing myself."

5. Gritenme Piedras de Campo (Talking to rocks) Extra credit for remembering the difficult title. Great for occasions when you're out of control and conversing with inanimate objects: "Talk to me mountains and valleys. Scream to me stones in the field. When have you ever seen anyone love like I am loving, cry like I am crying, die like I am dying."

-Robb Walsh

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