Top 5 Creepiest Halloween Candy

Spooky Nerds

We begin with Spooky Nerds candy, because most of the gross-out candy you find around Halloween harks back to those memorable years in the junior high school cafeteria when the nerdy, weird kid would eat disgusting things and freak everybody out. We all pegged those kids as losers, but you have to think that one of them grew up and started a candy company that makes gummy boogers and sold out to Mars for millions of dollars. So let's all raise a gummy booger to the revenge of the spooky nerds.

Body Parts

Candy body parts are an indispensable addition to the repertoire of the aspiring cannibal. It is somewhat disappointing that the selection seems to be limited to appendages rather than internal organs. Perhaps a Hannibal Lecter limited edition is in order. It would include gummy livers, mini-bottles of sugar Chianti and fava jelly beans.

Zit Poppers

Zits are one of the most memorable experiences for junior high school nerds, and Zit Poppers candy is the natural result of that teenage indignity. With a nod toward Bluto in Animal House, these liquid-filled gummies offer ripe and juicy opportunities for Halloween mischief.

Box of Boogers

Box of boogers gets high marks for authenticity if not taste (flavor or otherwise). The marketing department and packaging consultants at Flix Candy did not hold back with catchy slogans like "Ssssnot your regular gummy!" Somewhere in an emergency room on Halloween, a doctor is going to be fishing one of these little gems out of a kid's nostril.


Somewhere in the deep, dark recesses of our minds is the memory of that kid -- that one kid -- in junior high school who would quite un-self-consciously pick at the scab on his elbow and then pop it into his mouth. Surely one of the many indignities of suffering through junior high. The riff on Rice-a-Roni is a nice touch, as is the flesh-colored background.

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