Top 5 Daiquiris to Try in Houston

In a city where the margarita tends to monopolize the frozen alcoholic beverage market, one can easily forget there are other cocktails that are just as icy and intoxicating. In the past, I've explored multiple alternatives to the margarita , and this summer I'm homing in America's second most popular (usually) frozen drink: the daiquiri. Here are five to try in Houston:

5. Screwdriver Daiquiri (BB's Cajun Cafe). Available to consume in-house or in a "to geaux" cup, the daiquiris at BB's are indeed wine-based, but surprisingly not shitty and boast a real citrus flavor. They're refreshing, actually, in that "I don't think I could possibly get a hangover from this drink" way. I suggest two for hydration and Vitamin C when you're consuming an entire platter of fries topped with queso and roast beef.

4. Strawberry Daiquiri (Chuy's). Not kidding. Grumble all you want about chain Tex-Mex food, but refrain from spurning Chuy's entirely until you try its frozen strawberry daiquiri. I have spotted chunks of real strawberries in these babies, which is probably why I care less they don't use top-shelf rum (unless you ask).

3. Funky Monkey (Daiquiri King). Combining pineapple, banana, coconut, and strawberry flavors, the Funky Monkey tastes like rainforest in a cup. If strawberries grew in rainforests. Well, you know what I mean. Anyway, the Funky Monkey is thicker and more filling than your average single-fruit daiquiri, which means it's less ideal for chugging but absolutely perfect for sipping, especially alongside some spicy Caribbean food.

2. Kiwi Daiquiri (Eskimo Hut). Eskimo Hut is hardly the place for lounging, but that's not the point. It's where you go prior to the party to pick up liquid favors, by which I mean a gallon jug of your favorite flavor of daiquiri (and there are many, many to choose from). The kiwi is tart, mildly sweet, and more straightforward in taste than other more complicated (confusing?) varieties such as the "Blue Lagoon" ("blue hawaiian", pina, and cream).

1. Hemingway Daiquiri (Hearsay Gastro Lounge). Also known as the Papa Doble, the Hemingway Daiquiri is based on the iconic writer's preferred recipe: white rum, grapefruit juice, lime, and maraschino liqueur. Ernie usually drank his daiquiris on the rocks and Hearsay accordingly doesn't freeze or blend theirs either. But they're still very cold, very good, and as Hemingway described "[have] no taste of alcohol and [feel], as you drank them, the way downhill glacier skiing feels running through powder snow."

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