Top 5 Dishes to Order at Ninfa's on Navigation BESIDES the Fajitas

Some might say that if you haven't tried the fajitas at The Original Ninfa's, you haven't had fajitas. Countless critics have named the restaurant's iconic dish as one of their favorites in Houston. Thanks to the versatility of executive chef Alex Padilla, there are many other high commendable dishes at Ninfa's. I know, I know: You love the fajitas. But once in a while you should order one of the following:

5. Cochinita Pibil. I have to credit my friend Jo for introducing me to this terrific entrée. One night the gang was dining at Ninfa's and, once again, I ordered the fajitas. Feeling particularly ravenous, I started picking at my neighbors' plates, including Jo's cochinita pibil, a platter of tender slow-roasted shredded pork, tangy pickled red onions, sour cream and sweet plantains. Next visit, I eschewed traditional (and traditional Tex-Mex flavors) and ordered a whole cochinita pibil for myself.

4. Enchiladas Del Mar. Ninfa's doesn't have the most diverse collection of enchiladas (that honor goes to Sylvia's Enchilada Kitchen); however, their seafood enchiladas, stuffed with oversize Gulf shrimp and lump crab meat, are the best of what they offer. The creamy chipotle pepper sauce that covers each stuffed tortilla should be sold by the jar (hint, hint, Chef Padilla).

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Joanna O'Leary