Top 5 Dunkin' Donuts Menu Items I'm Looking Forward To

It's been confirmed: Dunkin' Donuts is coming to my neighborhood. I am excessively excited. Eight years living in Beantown made me take for granted the ubiquitous opportunities for Dunkin' Donuts fare--and I'm not even talking about its famous iced coffee since I'm not a java drinker. Here are five Dunkin' Donuts foods and beverages I can't wait to (re)incorporate into my diet:

5. Munchkins. Munchkins are not just donut holes with a cute name. Well, I guess, that's part of their appeal, but their more important virtue is the diversity of flavor options: glazed, chocolate, jelly, powdered sugar, sugar dusted, and, my favorite, CINNAMON. And sometimes even specialty flavors, like red velvet. Oh joy! Pop them in your mouth like candy and you'll feel less guilty about than if you were binging on regular-size pastries.

4. Mint Hot Chocolate. I'll probably crave the mint hot chocolate slightly less since I'm no longer subject to the snowy slings and arrows of Boston weather. But only slightly. Dunkin' Donuts' regular hot chocolate is fine and dandy; the mint version, however, takes heated cocoa beverages to a new level because the herb has this wonderful way of making a winter brew refreshing as well as comforting.

3. Reduced Fat Blueberry Muffin. Because most muffins are nothing more than morning cupcakes, I try whenever possible to eat "health"/less terrible varieties. This reduced fat blueberry muffin is less of a caloric bomb than the regular version and still proffers moist cake and big ol' berries.

2. Big 'n Toasted Breakfast Sandwich. Cheddar cheese, 3-4 slices of bacon, and a fried egg in between two slices of Texas toast? The Big 'n Toasted will fit right in in Houston. I don't think they offered this sandwich when I was living in Massachusetts. Actually, I'm positive because there's no way I wouldn't have eaten one of these for an early lunch at least once a week.

1. Butternut Donut. I have yet to find its equal in Houston. Dusted with a thick layer of toasted coconut, this rich cake donut is soft yet slightly crunchy. If I eat one, I am actually sort of full whereas at least three glazed donuts can easily fit in my stomach. Tip: Warm milk, not cold, pairs best with this donut and really brings out the cream notes of the coconut.

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Joanna O'Leary