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I love eggs. Below are places to get the best egg dishes this fine city of Houston has to offer.

5. Frank's Grill This blue-collar eatery located off Mangum, inside 290, serves up huge portions to a customer base that generally has hearty appetites. When I'm flying solo, I love sitting at the bar and watching the guy behind the counter prepare breakfast for 40. It's like watching Rembrandt at work. I usually order the two eggs (over-easy) with hash browns and a slab of ham. Break the yolks, mix with the potatoes, chase it with a cut of ham, and welcome to food heaven. The eggs are always cooked just right, creating that river of yolk that ties the entire plate together.

4. Teotihuacan Mexican Café (Irvington location) Nothing against Teo's other locations, but for breakfast, I tend to hit the one on Irvington. And I almost always get the huevos rancheros. Admittedly, this is a pretty standard dish, and one that most Mexican restaurants do well. But Teo's does it just a little better. I'll break the yolks, smash some refried beans into a fresh tortilla, and top with the eggs and ranchero sauce. I then take a bite and use the remaining portion of the taco to mop up the yolk.

3. New York Bagel & Coffee Shop I make no bones about my love for this place, for good reason. And one of the main reasons is the eggs. I suggest the sunny-side-up, with a side of crispy potatoes and a poppy seed bagel with cream cheese (untoasted). This is the best version of just a plain egg with salt and pepper I've found in this city.

2. Alamo Tamale Factory I keep searching for a better breakfast taco out there, and I just can't find one that beats Alamo's egg, ham, and refried bean. Why is it so good? You guessed it, the eggs. They are the furthest thing from dried eggs as you can get, and the combination with the beans and salty ham is just too good for words. Nearby, there's also a place called Sarita's on Bauman. Those are very good breakfast tacos, but Alamo's has them beat.

1. Casa de Leon Casa de Leon doesn't look like much from the outside, nor inside for that matter. But who cares? This place is serving up the best eggs in town. They come in the form of a generous-size omelet known as El Gauyin. Stuffed with onions, bell peppers, diced jalapenos, ham, and gooey cheese, while resting in a pool of its own broth, the omelet at El Guayin just can't be beat.

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