Top 5 Fast Foods That'll Do in a Pinch

We've all been there. Maybe you just landed in an unfamiliar city, and you're starving and have no idea where to eat. Maybe it's five in the morning, you've got a case of the munchies, and everything is closed except fast food joints. You don't normally patronize fast food restaurants, but you need something to tide you over. You want something familiar, comforting, tasty. Yes, most fast food is unmitigated crap, but here are a few fast food dishes whose tastiness and relative quality will get you over the hump. These are the top five fast foods that'll do in a pinch.

McDonald's French Fries

You've had a shitty day at work, you're driving home, and you sneak into a McDonald's drive-thru to drown your sorrows in a super-size container of potatoes, grease and salt. We've all done it.


Taco Bell Crispy Beef Taco

It's hard to screw up a taco shell, mystery meat, lettuce and cheese. But this is Taco Bell, a fast food chain whose overactive R&D department constantly churns out volcano-this and lava-that. Luckily, the basic crispy beef taco is usually solid and forever unchanging and will satisfy any late-night-munchies run.

Wendy's Chili

Admittedly, the flavor mostly comes from gobs of salt and chili powder, but there is a fair amount of meat thrown in. Tends to be soupy -- crush in a few crackers to give it some body.

Popeye's Biscuit

Some people swear by Popeye's chicken even though it's a fast food chain. I'm not that enamored of most of the menu, but Popeye's does make a wicked biscuit. When it's good, a biscuit here is buttery and soft. Crack it open, load it up with some honey and jelly, and that's good eatin'.

Dairy Queen Blizzard

This is one of the few fast foods I'll eat any time, without regret or guilt. Except for the fact that it's about 10,000 calories. Nothing better than driving through the back roads of Texas only to roll up on a Dairy Queen and get a Blizzard for the road. You're not a true Texan until you can drive and eat a Blizzard at the same time.

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J.C. Reid
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