Top 5 Foie Gras Dishes to Try in Houston

I enjoy eating foie gras and I'm not going to apologize for it. I don't believe in animal cruelty (and whether force-feeding is actually "cruel", painful or harmful is a matter of debate), but I do believe in an individual's right to choose what he or she consumes.

Furthermore, I would consider myself a hypocrite for castigating foie gras producers when I do not subject other animal flesh purveyors (many of whose factory farm practices I think are far more despicable than force feeding) to the same scrutiny and product abstention.

Well, now that I've surely satisfied any and all political objections to this piece, here are my top 5 foie gras dishes in Houston.

5. Foie Nigiri at Uchi

Though perhaps not the most "traditional" item on the menu, Uchi's foie nigiri, which combines, as you might expect, foie gras, and as you might not expect, quinoa rather than white rice, is pretty damn delicious.

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Joanna O'Leary