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Top 5 Food Court Finds

While malls themselves are annoying, there is something charming and nostalgic about a tasty (and absurdly unhealthy) food court treat. We all have our favorites, that one snack that we must sample while simultaneously picking out ties for Dad on Father's Day. Here is our list of the top 5 must-have food court snacks.

5. Soft Pretzel They're oversize, over salted, and overloaded with carbohydrates and empty calories, but sometimes there is nothing better than grabbing a piping-hot pretzel in its greasy paper wrapping and then dunking that bad boy in a vat of processed cheese spread. Oh yeah, that's some good eating there.

4. Pizza Why is it that you can only find that super-thin-crusted, extra ooey-gooey pie in a mall? It's like mall pizza plays by its own set of delicious rules, and we love it for that. Especially the huge slices that require not one, but two flimsy paper plates to sop up all the grease. Who knows why they even bother having salads and pastas at these joints? It's all about the pizza, baby.

3. Bags of Candy Do you remember how much fun it was, when you were younger, to go to the mall candy store with a couple bucks from Mom and load up a sack with every fruity, sour, gummy candy you could imagine? Then you would carefully weigh it and find out the price to see if you could possibly add in one more Jawbreaker without going over budget? Then you would compare loot with your friends and see who could eat the most Sour Heads without puckering their faces? Only in a mall, people. Only in a mall.

2. Hot Nuts Sure, you can get a bag of salted cashews or praline pecans in a grocery store, but were they served to you hot by people wearing silly hats? Most likely not. And although nuts tend to actually have some nutritional value, the hot mall versions are so oiled and salted that all redemptive properties are quickly lost. But at least you can walk around the stores eating oily nuts and greasing up everything in sight.

1. Cookie Sandwich As if one huge, chewy cookie hot from the oven and loaded with melted chunks of chocolate wasn' t enough, some sort of mall cookie stand genius decided to create a product with two cookies gloriously conjoined by a thick sugary mass of buttercream frosting. I mean this thing is probably one of the worst things you could ever eat. We'll take two, please.

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