Top 5: Food Flops

Have you ever gone to a restaurant with high expectations and left feeling disappointed? We all have. Here are my top five dishes from great places that ended up being real head-scratchers.

5. Fish at Feast I dined with a group of four the other night at Feast. It was my first Feast experience, and needless to say, I was eagerly anticipating the dinner. I ordered a dish of pork cheeks, which was delicious. But my friend's barracuda and his wife's fish and scallop pie were both disappointing. Each dish was bland, and for lack of a better adjective--boring. We also split an appetizer of scallops. The scallops were lacking that wonderful sweetness, and the portion, even by appetizer standards, was pretty puny.

4. Short Ribs at Noe I love me some short ribs. On a recent date night, I spotted some 12-hour-braised bison short ribs on Noe's menu. The description sounded fabulous, but it was just not meant to be. What came out was tender, but fatty, and tasted very run-of-the-mill. At $27, I was looking for better than that.

3. Chocolate Cake at Perry's I'm a huge fan of Perry's, just not their chocolate cake. My dessert tasted like a bad piece of fudge. I hate fudge, and certainly don't want my cake having the taste and texture of it. But have no fear, good people of Perry's. I'd still give up my right testicle for a year's supply of that signature pork chop. Just hold the cake.

2. Burgers at Little Big's I'll admit it -- I was caught up in the Caswell hype. But a trip to Little Big's hand me wondering when the last time was that Mr. Caswell paid a visit to his little Montrose burger joint. First, the good news--the fries were some of the best in the city. The bad news--damn, those burgers were average. I ordered the chicken filet, pulled pork, and beef sliders. All were under-seasoned. The chicken was the best of the three, but still nothing about any of them stood out. The pulled pork was dry and forgettable.

1. Grilled Chicken Sandwich at Chick-Fil-A Hey, just because it's a fast food chain, doesn't mean I can't have high expectations. Chick-Fil-A does many things well, but the grilled chicken sandwich is not one of them. It's dry, tasteless, and has a weird, unappealing texture that makes you want to send the entire sandwich back, order the standard fried delight, and call it a day.

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