Top 5: Food Head Scratchers

The world of food and drink can at times be puzzling. Here are five things we wonder about the Houston food scene.

5. Jus' Mac: Is it? I don't have a problem with Jus' Mac's food. I'm not a big macaroni and cheese guy, but their product (on my only visit) was pretty darn good. But shouldn't a place called Jus' Mac be serving, wait for it...just mac? The cute, catchy name is a bit of a broken promise-Jus' Mac also serves salads, panini, and desserts. For example, I wouldn't open a restaurant, call it "Only Eggrolls," and offer diners crab rangoon and spare ribs as well. I'm jus' sayin'.

4. Dunkin Donuts: I'm waiting Wasn't Dunkin Donuts supposed to infiltrate H-Town a few years back? I know there are a few scattered around the city, but I thought Dunkin' was about to leave a Starbuck-esque footprint. I'm just wondering if this will ever happen. I long for another mega-chain option, especially one that serves delicious coffee at a reasonable price. Here's an idea, Dunkin can keep the donuts, and just open up little coffee stands around the city. This would also allow Shipley's to continue its donut domination.

3. Alfred's: Please come back! Do you remember Alfred's? Many of you probably don't. But, I do. And, I miss this place that closed many moons ago. Those people unfamiliar with Alfred's should think Kenny and Ziggy's, but less expensive and a little more laid back. Don't get me wrong, I love K&Z's, but Alfred's had so much character and the food was so good. I can still remember eating that delicious matzo soup. Why can't a city the size of Houston have a restaurant like this again? We need it, and as long as we don't have it, it will continue to be a head scratcher for yours truly.

2. Mini Me Food Trucks I love the monster-size food trucks around town. But they're never on my side of town. How about a mini food truck that spawns from the bigger version? Does this exist? And if not, then why not? If it does, could someone please give me the heads up? Could you imagine a truck like Oh My! Pocket Pies making home deliveries? I'd pay for that transport cost. How cool would it be to have hot pocket pies delivered to your front door? The answer--very cool.

1. Barbecue: What's in a name? This one absolutely befuddles me. Why must every popular barbeque joint spell "barbecue" differently? I bet you've never even realized it, and until recently, I had no idea either. It's true. Open your eyes and you'll see--Gatlin's BBQ, Pierson & Company Bar-B-Que, Gabby's Barbeque, Pizzitola's Bar-B-Cue, and Lyndon's Bar-B-Q. If I ever master my rib recipe, I'm opening up Kevin's BaR-B-qUe. Hopefully, that domain name hasn't already been taken.

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