Top 5 Fried Rodeo Foods

Texas is known for its inventive fried foods -- The State Fair in Dallas pumps out all sorts of amazing creations (like fried butter and fried PB & J). So in Go Texan spirit, we're recapping the awesome, horrible-for-you foods that can be found at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo.. Foods like pizza or sausage on a stick were left off this list because, well, they aren't fried.

Funnel Cake: A funnel cake is an awesome carnival food -- admit it. It's shareable, wearable (just try to eat it without getting a powdered sugar coating), and requires no utensils.

Corn Dogs: Sure, you can get these in a mall, but it just tastes so much better when you are squatting on a curb with a good beer buzz.

Beignets: It's not Cafe du Monde, but hot beignets from a carnival stall sure taste awesome with a cold beer.

Deep Fried Oreos: The first time we ever had these, it was like seeing a unicorn. We'd heard they existed, but when we actually experienced them, we knew they were magical.

Chicken Fried Bacon: We've managed to miss this one, but the rumors hold -- you can find battered and fried bacon at the HLSR somewhere.

What are your favorite fried rodeo foods? Sound off in the comments.

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