Top 5 Holiday Hangover Cures

The holidays are great -- parties, presents, and vacation. Well, that is until you wake up Saturday morning with a vicious headache. Maybe vampires have the right idea by only coming out at night. But, for now, we still have to get up in the morning and join the living. Here are our top five cures for the inevitable holiday hangover:

1. Chiloso's Taco House (701 E. 20th St.) - Chorizo con Huevos y Papas Taco You only need one of these bad boys to fill your aching stomach. Huge chunks of potatoes, meaty chorizo and perfectly cooked eggs wrapped in a fluffy flour tortilla - the perfect absorption food for last night's celebratory champagne. And, if that doesn't do the trick, douse your tacos in Chiloso's spicy green and red salsa. A burning tongue and watery eyes is your sign that the rest of the day is going to be hangover-free.

2. Pink's Pizza (710 West Gray Street) - Sausage and Jalapeño Pizza We are pretty much on a first-name basis with the pizza delivery guy from Pink's. Whether it's a hangover cure or a lazy weekday night, Pink's sausage and jalapeño pizza will make everything better. We did make the mistake of ordering pepperoni one time. The ordinary pepperoni doesn't stand a chance next to the chunks of Italian sausage, which actually looks homemade and not "fresh from the freezer" generic. This pizza is the perfect combination of grease and spice to cure all that ails you.

3. Bloody Mary - Red Eye Habañero Mix Bloody Marys are pretty much the go-to cure for the day after that open-bar holiday party. But, sometimes, we just can't make it out of the house. So, what do we do? Pull out the pre-made Bloody Mary mix. But, not just any mix will do. We want one that doesn't taste like we poured Campbell's tomato soup over ice. Serious hangovers call for serious Bloody Marys. We like the Red Eye Habañero Mix for our miracle drink. Bonus - you can use it to spice up your chili also.

4. La Guadalupana Bakery & Café (2109 Dunlavy St.) - Cinnamon Coffee For those days when all we need is a good cup of coffee, we opt for a hot cup of La Guadalupana's cinnamon version. The owner, Trancito Diaz, gets it from Mexico. You won't find any flavored syrups or steamed milk, but that strong cinnamon-scented coffee is all you need. And for about $8, you can take home your own bag of the stuff. But, even in our fancy coffee maker, we can't replicate what Diaz serves out of an old-school Mr. Coffee maker.

5. McDonald's - Sausage Biscuits & Hash Browns One mention of the McDonald's sausage biscuit and hash brown, and we forget all our reasons for banning McDonald's from our daily routine. Super Size Me - we have no idea what you're talking about. Instead, all we can think about is that buttery, flaky biscuit and strangely perfect sausage patty with a side of fried potato deliciousness. Hey, we all have our weaknesses.

Tell us some of your favorite hangover cures. We are always looking for new ideas.

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Jane Catherine Collins