Top 5 Houston Desserts for Chocolate-Lovers

5. Belgian Chocolate Milkshake (Amy's Ice Creams). Here are some famous last words: "I'll just get a milkshake." That's what I said one night when a bunch of friends and I stopped for some dessert at Amy's. We had just finished dining at Chuy's, where I ate my weight in chimichangas and I was feeling a bit full. So, I ordered a milkshake, opting for Belgian chocolate instead of my regular Mexican vanilla, because, hey, why not? Why not? WHY NOT? Because Amy's Belgian chocolate milkshake is an unbelievably rich liquid chocolate concoction that is a chocolate-lover's dream....or, in my case, nightmare if her stomach is just too crowded to fit in every last sip. I tried to drink half, but it just got too painful. I stuck it in the freezer and the next day I downed it in five minutes.

4. Double Chocolate Chip Cookie (Sinfull Bakery). Sinfull's double chocolate chip cookie is just good. Not "good for a vegan cookie." Not "good despite the absence of butter and milk." Just good. 'Cause they don't skimp on the carob and chocolate chips. So, just go eat it.

3. The Milk and Dark Chocolate Classic Sampler (The Brownie Bowl). Sometimes, and especially at The Brownie Bowl, it's too hard to decide between milk and dark chocolate. So don't. By combining two flavors of your choice, the "classic sampler" facilitates a sugary showdown of some of the moistest, cocoa-dense brownies in Houston. You decide which is your favorite. I prefer the dark.

2. Ultimate Chocolate Cupcake (Ooh La La Bakery). When I wrote my gushing post about Ooh La La's s'mores cupcake, I felt a bit guilty for giving that cupcake a monopoly on my adoration. With FOUR cocoa manifestations (chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream icing, chocolate ganache, and chocolate chunks garnish), the "Ultimate Chocolate Cupcake" boasts an equally impressive and decadent cross-section (see picture). Makes triple-chocolate baked goods seem so effete. You may discover this fact because you thought you wanted to split it with a friend. Well, offers are made to be retracted.

1. Uncle Darryl's Chocolate Cake (The Chocolate Bar). Though The Chocolate Bar may be the predictable purveyor of the number-one pick on this list, I hope at least you are mildly surprised I went with the Uncle Darryl's Cake rather than the straight-up fudge explosion that is the Aunt Etta's. Nothing against dear old Etta, but Uncle Darryl's inclusion of toffee chips gives the cake a savory buttery crunch that delightfully contrasts, and inevitably heightens, the smooth sweet ganache and spongy cake. I don't know if there has been a better use of Heath Bar in the history of desserts.

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