Top 5 Hungry-For-Halloween Must-Haves in Houston

For me, there's no better way to get in the spirit of Halloween than through my stomach. And while I'm certainly not opposed to doing so via taste-testing popular candy, I also am more than happy to eat local. Here are five notable sweet/savory spooky foodstuffs available in H-town.

5. Surprise Festive Desserts & Sugar Cookies (Ouisie's Table). On October 31, Ouisie's Table will be offering a special menu of desserts with a Halloween twist. The specifics are a surprise, but pumpkin pie, red velvet cake and theme cupcakes will probably be involved. Even if you don't take advantage of the holiday dessert selection that day, you will leave Ouisie's with a Halloween treat in the form of a spooky sugar cookie.

4. Cupcake Truffles (Ooh La La Bakery). Some call them "cake balls," Ooh La La calls them "cupcake truffles," I refer to them as "spherical snacks I could eat by the handful." Available in vanilla, chocolate and red velvet, these globes of sweetness are artfully decorated for the holiday and sure to be a hit at Halloween celebrations (I suggest getting a half-dozen of just the eyeballs for your kid's school party).

3. Spiderweb Moonpies (Revival Market). Revival Market regularly sells the wondrous moonpies made by Rebecca Masson (of Fluff Bake Bar), but during October these treats are filled with orange marshmallow and dressed in (icing) cobwebs.

2. Candy Corn Cheesecake (Ooh La La Bakery). Yeah, so treats from Ooh La La appear multiple times on this list. It's not my fault they offer some of the most diverse and delicious spooky season's eatings in town. With three vibrant layers, the candy corn cheesecake is not only visually impressive, it's also extremely decadent. It replaces the lemon twang of traditional New York-style cheesecakes with a bold vanilla flavor that tastes all the richer alongside the buttery Graham cracker crust. At press time, this reporter had eaten two and a half three slices and will most certainly go back for more.

1. Halloween Pumpkin Curry and Black Sticky Rice (Khun Kay Thai Cafe). For just $10 you can indulge in one of the best pumpkin dishes in town, a blood orange coconut curry that buoys tender pieces of white-meat chicken (or tofu) and chunks of Thai pumpkin. (Psst, a salad and an eggroll are also included.) To round out your Halloween supper at Khun Kay, have some sticky black rice for dessert, which may look a bit scary but tastes soft and sweet.

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