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Top 5 Ice Cream and Cake Combinations

Although cake and ice cream can stand alone as their own desserts, when you put them together, it's heavenly.

It's easy to pair vanilla or chocolate ice cream with a simple cake, but there are other combinations that will make your taste buds say, thank you. Here's my top five list of ice cream and cake combinations you can make into an ice cream cake, cupcake or as separate desserts paired together.

5.Pistachio Ice Cream with Strawberry Cake

I love using pistachios in desserts. It seems like an odd flavor for a sweet treat, but pistachios have somewhat of a natural sweetness. I first discovered the beauty of pistachios in desserts when I tried pistachio gelato in Italy. It's unexpectedly delicious! Strawberries and pistachios perfectly balance each other to create a naturally sweet and nutty combination you can enjoy in a cool ice cream cake.

4. Lemon Ice Cream with Gingerbread Cake

Yes, it is still summer, and yes, you normally enjoy gingerbread around Thanksgiving and Christmas, but lemon and gingerbread are too perfect together to pass up. I love how the tangy lemon ice cream accents the spices in the fluffy gingerbread cake. Instead of making a lemon glaze or a lemon sauce to top a gingerbread cake, pair a slice of this holiday cake with a few scoops of lemon ice cream. It's a frosty treat that you can enjoy in the summertime.

3. Peach Ice Cream with Vanilla Cake

This is a must-try flavor combination before the summer is over. If Blue Bell's Peaches & Homemade Vanilla Ice Creamis still in rotation, so snatch this ice cream up quickly. I trust Blue Bell's judgment of putting peaches with vanilla ice cream, so that's why I have paired their peach ice cream with vanilla cake. Nothing says a classic southern dessert, to me, than peaches and vanilla. Whether you want to make a sweet peach ice cream and vanilla cake or just put the two together separately, you'll be able to taste the comforting sweetness of bits of peaches in creamy vanilla ice cream plus a moist vanilla cake.

2. Butter Pecan Ice Cream with Carrot Cake

Rather than just placing pecans on the cream cheese frosting of a carrot cake, take this flavor combination to a whole new level by eating carrot cake with butter pecan ice cream. It will blow your mind. This ultra-sweet and ultra-sinful combination is so decadent that each bite might make you feel a little guilty. But, it's dessert, so it has every right to be over the top. Because carrot cake is usually very moist and delicate, I recommend enjoying this combo by placing a scoop of butter pecan ice cream on top of a slice of carrot cake. Let the ice cream melt into the soft carrot cake so the wonderful and sweet flavors can fuse together.

1. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream with Chocolate Cake

For all you chocoholics out there, this ice cream and cake combination is for you. The cool and sweet mint ice cream with a rich chocolate cake is the best pairing of flavors. Make an ice cream cake with layers of chocolate cake and mint chocolate chip ice cream for the ultimate frosty treat.

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