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Top 5 Local Restaurant Logos

Good artwork can make or break a restaurant. If an owner slaps something off-putting on the marquee, it could scare away a customer forever. Here's a list of my top five favorites, some of which truly define the place they represent, and others that are just plain weird.

5. Victory Eatery I have to admit, I haven't yet eaten at this new hamburger joint in northwest Houston, but I want a T-shirt with that dude on it. Who doesn't love a smiling meat patty flashing the Nixon-esque double V's? He seems less deviant than the Hamburglar and less authoritarian than Mayor McCheese. As far as I know, the Victory Eatery's mascot doesn't have a name yet -- any suggestions?

4. Beaver's Simple, clean, direct, and tasteful. Well maybe not the last one so much, but you do know where you are headed when you see the silhouette of the buck-teethed one. At first glance it might appear totally innocent, until you get inside and see that they sell T-shirts that say, "Beaver's: Just South of Hooters." Hahaha, that's so funny I forgot to laugh... except for the first three ha's.

3. Frank's & Toppings If EOW ever does a "Top 5 Wackiest Theme Songs on a Restaurant Website" (and we probably will), then Frank's & Toppings will be No. 1. We aren't here to crown that king right now, but Frank's logo does rank as one of the best around. They claim everything on the menu is organic; would that include the hot dogs dressed in tuxedos with animal faces? I want to hang out sometime with Mr. Fish Face Hot Dog Man.

2. Natachee's Supper N' Punch Finally, a place with a menu that Ned Beatty and Jon Voight's pals from the woods would love. Too bad our own Katharine Shilcutt didn't feel the same way when she dined there in November. Natachee's logo, however, totally gives off the vibe it's going for. The restaurant's goal is to make skillet-lickin' country comfort vittles, and everything from the font to the picture says just that. There's even a tongue lickin' a skillet. Yep, this logo is good enough to make me squeal like a pig.

1. Stella Sola Could it be that the reason Stella Sola is one of the hottest restaurants in town is because they have the best logo? Well, for the purposes of this list, yes. I don't know what the origin of the bovine with wings is, but it truly reflects the manliness of the menu. All sorts of house-cured meats dot the courses, with a heavy focus on beef. Stella Sola, you rule the logo race, no bull.

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