Top 5 Road Trip Foods

It's Spring Break time - the week when you and all your closest friends set out for some beach destination to stir up trouble. How we wish we were still in college! For all of you who are about to squeeze in a car with one too many people, here are our top 5 road trip foods to keep you fed.

1. Beef Jerky - Whether it's the small town, homemade jerky or the gas station Slim Jim, beef jerky is a must-have on a road trip. It's portable, mess-free, and doesn't require utensils. We've even stopped on the side of the road to buy elk jerky in the middle of the snow from the back of a pick-up truck. Sketchy? Maybe. Delicious? Definitely.

2. Easy Cheese & Crackers - First, we need to clarify something. Easy Cheese is not Cheese Whiz. Easy Cheese, or as we fondly call it, spray cheese, comes in a spray can. It comes in four different flavors, but we prefer the traditional cheddar cheese flavor. There's something about being on a road trip that makes us crave processed cheese.

3. Hostess Sno Balls - According to Hostess, 25 million Sno Balls are sold annually. We've definitely helped them reach that number over the years. They make mostly white ones and seasonal colors, but we have a fondness for the pink ones. You know it's a good road trip when you have shredded pink coconut all over your shirt and chocolate cake in your teeth.

4. Dairy Queen Blizzard - Dairy Queens are a beacon of light in small towns, which is about the only place you can find them these days. Columbus, Texas, has even gotten too big for its Dairy Queen. But if you're lucky enough to stumble on one, exit the freeway immediately. Their creamy, thick blizzards are worth the detour and come in about every flavor you can imagine. If you're hungry, grab a chicken strip basket, too.

5. Buc-ee's Jalapeño Cheese Kolaches - If you're heading west on I-10, you can't miss the billboard beaver known as Buc-ee. And, who doesn't love Buc-ee's? A friend of ours even uses the Buc-ee's bathroom as the bathroom standard for all gas stations and restaurants. What you may not know is that Buc-ee's also has mouth-watering jalapeño cheese kolaches. Next time you need gas, look for a Buc-ee's. You'll be happy you did.

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Jane Catherine Collins