Top 5 Roughage Foods

After a weekend of meat and carb, that immovable-brick-in-the-stomach feeling is inevitable. If you need a little kick-start to get things, um...moving, eat a lot of this stuff and get your body back on track. Just keep your social calendar free as you wait for the magic of Mother Nature to take effect.

Lentils Perhaps they're not what you dreamed of when thinking of the "magical fruit," but lentils are higher in fiber than black beans, limas and traditional baked beans. This is great news for those in need of some roughage - they don't need soaking and cook much faster than other legumes. Throw in some curry powder and a can of diced tomatoes, and eat them over another fiber-rich food, brown rice, for a healthy detox meal.

Whole Wheat Pasta It tastes exactly the same as the plain, old, boring white stuff when drenched in a rich tomato sauce, but you get the joy of knowing you're eating a bit healthier. Spaghetti and thinner pastas like angel hair or vermicelli are less likely to taste different from white pasta than penne or ziti.

Raspberries These spunky little tarts will make you pucker. Plop them in a bowl of cereal to brighten up your breakfast and get the fruit fiber mother load as well. Raspberries top the fiber charts at 8 grams per cup - well above apples, raisins or bananas. They're not bad over ice cream, either, but that may defeat your healthy eating streak. Maybe they'll cancel each other out - just like the USA's two World Cup draws thus far.

Almonds Sometimes you feel like a nut, and it's warranted if you're looking for some move-along in your belleh. Almonds have many beneficial health properties - they're high in calcium, iron, vitamin E and riboflavin. They can also give you a good dose of fiber. Sprinkle some in your salads, cereal or oatmeal; roll a banana in chopped almonds; or add them to your brown rice for crunch. Also, almond butter = delicious.

Artichokes Although the intimidation factor is high for nervous home cooks, once you steam your first, you'll never look back on your artichoke innocence again. A little snip here, a little snip there, a dip in a hot water bath, and done. Also, as a bonus, you'll be getting a good amount of fiber. Of course, there's a much easier way - just open a can or a jar of them and munch away. One cup of artichokes contains more fiber than everything on this list other than lentils.

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Amber Ambrose