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Top 5 Seasonal Commercial Easter Snacks

When I blogged about my five favorite commercial Halloween snacks, reader Maggie noted:

"The reason why Halloween is my favorite holiday but Easter is my favorite 'candy holiday' is because not many unique candies or candy varieties come out around Halloween."

True dat, young Maggie. But what about other Easter treats besides candy? Those aren't easy to come by, although they do exist. Fortunately, my obsession knows no bounds. Take a break from the Cadbury Creme eggs and try these five Easter snacks:

5. Perfect Endings Carrot Cake. Overpriced? Definitely. Tastes as good as it looks? Maybe not. Insanely cute? Hell, yes! I always get a kick out of the tiny icing carrots that adorn carrot cake slices; this creation by Perfect Endings Bakery takes the meta-carrot to another level by encasing its two-layer cake in orange fondant with green "leaves" to resemble the root vegetable.

4. Promised Land Easter Egg Nog. Proving egg nog is not just a Christmas beverage, the good people at Promised Land Dairy have produced an Easter version, which is just as creamy (i.e., fatteningly delicious) as regular nog but heavier on the vanilla notes. By the way, its lower place on the list reflects availability, not quality, as it only appears March through April in select Kroger and Whole Foods stores.

3. Jet-Puffed BunnyMallows. Although I love Peep showdowns in the microwave, I find them too sticky and sweet for consumption. BunnyMallows are far more palatable, and their muted pastel colors are easier on the eyes than fluorescent peeps.

2. World Market Easter Pasta. A welcome respite from sweeter Easter themed-treats, this multi-colored pasta shaped like bunnies and eggs is available online and in stores for around three bucks. I suggest tossing it with vodka tomato (or other pinkish gravy) for additional seasonal inflection.

1. Tastykake Hippity Hops. Even after discovering the wonderful world of non-processed baked goods, I still have a soft spot for Kandy Kakes, especially the peanut butter variety. But a new favorite has emerged with the appearance of "Hippity Hops," in which interior sponge cake is infused with sweet, flaky coconut before being dunked in milk or dark chocolate. Open a box and before you know it, six cakes will just hop into your mouth.

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