Top 5: Signs You May Be a Food Snob

There are food snobs all around us. Heck, you might be one of them. Look for these signs:

5. The Sandra Lee Effect You think Sandra Lee is a hack just because she's Sandra Lee. And you think this without ever really having watched her show. Don't get me wrong, I can't stand about 80 percent of her. But, I've watched her show. I've seen her body of work (so to speak). I've endured all the table settings. So, it's okay for me to hate her. Don't hate just for hating sake. Have some research to back up your disdain.

4. Wine of the Month Are you a member of more than five "Wine of the Month" clubs? Make no mistake, food and wine go hand and hand, and belonging to multiple wine clubs is a sign of food snob-dom. Don't believe me? Go count the current number cereal boxes in your pantry, multiply that number by 10. Now, go down to your wine cellar and count your bottles. If that number is greater than the cereal number, that's a solid indicator you're a food snob.

3. Tweet, Tweet, Tweet Have you ever tweeted every course of a fancy meal? Bingo! There's a 95 percent chance you're a food snob, and a 97 percent chance you're an overall loser. Put down the 4G Network, enjoy your foie gras, and resume sending the remainder of your 500 daily tweets post-meal.

2. Meet the Chef Have you ever demanded to meet the chef? This is a strong indicator you're a food snob. On a side note, I had my first chef encounter a few weeks ago. The dude quit within days. Go figure.

1. The Head Tilt Does this one ring a bell? You have a nice bite of food on your fork. You stare at the food for three seconds. You then consume the food. Next, you slightly tilt your head, nod, then quietly moan. And it doesn't matter if you're at REEF or God forbid-- happen to have been dragged to Red Lobster.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.